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Another “Lotus 7 Replica”?
Not likely! At Brough Xtreme Vehicles we don’t replicate old cars. We create the future!

“BROUGH” vehicles are tailor-made to suit each individuals needs and desires, they are personally hand crafted one at a time, aggressively designed for form, function and above all, safety. This comes from Ken’s 37 years of motor racing experience in not only driving but also car building and team management.


Magazine article about the Subzilla in Driver Magazine Jan 2010:

They are the only 4 wheel drive “open wheeled” custom built car on the market (the Quad is also the only 4WD *road quad). Subzilla is the ‘only car’ that comes standard with a fully certified (Motor Sport N.Z. #34 – 7.5G) roll cage, side intrusion bars, FIA approved seats and 3” belts, chassis crumple zone and collapsible steering column.

These race-inspired vehicles are guaranteed to gratify the craving of any wanton petrosexual. As with it’s incredibly light weight, the sure footed handling of 4WD and it’s blistering pace, these multipurpose vehicles can just as easily be used on the race circuit one day and the next to annihilate some super-cars cruising the boulevard.

Starting off with a donor Subaru WRX STi, measuring and stripping it. Subzilla has been built to the same tried and tested wheel base and wheel track dimensions as the Subaru so as to help retain the unique balanced handling characteristics of the WRX. The motor and transmission have been ‘set back’ 50mm into the car so as to remove some of the (misconstrued) front heavy look that the engine assembly perceives. Remembering also that this is a light ‘alloy’ motor, not a ‘boat anchor’ cast iron one anyway. Thereby with the added benefit of rear mounted fuel tanks, radiator and battery etc and the position of the seats (within the wheel base plan) where the rear seats would normally be. I have cleverly distributed the cars 750kg weight, 60% to the front and 40% to the rear, giving a weight balance that any car manufacturer would be proud of, even if your visual perception deceives you otherwise.

Subzilla is built to comply with NZ and UK road legality regulations and can also be custom built to suit most other international requirements and regulations as requested, left or right drive.

Now that the Subzilla prototype is complete, tested and road legal (in New Zealand) the next one built will be No.#1 and very desirable. There is no ‘base’ model as no two will be the same, all componentry is either fully reconditioned or new, with any tuning option desired.

Please forward any enquiries via the contacts page including all your details so that I may contact you personally to discuss your options and desires.

*The Quad is not yet road legal but I am still investigating regulations in the USA and some European countries, please still send your enquiries as then I can personally check the requirements for your particular location.

Specifications (as per prototype)

Subaru WRX STi, 2000 cc turbo, 210kw
5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Brakes Front, 4 pot Brembo, 295mm vented disc. Rear 1 pot, 265mm disc
Wheels/Tyres BSA alloys, 225/40x18
Suspension Spax, coil-over, adjustable dampening. Push-rod rocker
Steering Rack and pinion. 2 1/4 turns. Collapsible column
Cooling Rear mounted radiator, 14 l capacity
Fuel Twin rear mounted tanks, 50l total
Body 4 piece GPR (fibreglass)
Seats Racetech, FIA standard 8855-1999
Belts 3", 5 point, FIA – 220/221. T/98
Roll cage 38mm x 2.5mm “roll cage tubing”. MANZ certified to 7.5G
Chassis Main tubing 38 x 2.5mm and 32 x 1.6mm, with crumple zone
ECU "Link" programmable engine management